What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan is the key document which helps us to develop the district of Uttlesford, over the coming decades, so that we have the right facilities and infrastructure in place to support the community and to grow the local economy.

It sets out our vision and framework to achieve this development, addressing the needs and opportunities of the area.

Local Plans are important documents because they set out the policies which are the starting point for the consideration of planning applications, including the identification of suitable locations for development. The Local Plan includes policies that cover, for example:

  • New housing, including:
    • How much housing
    • In which locations
    • Whether certain sites should include affordable housing
  • Employment, including:
    • How much is needed
    • For which industries
    • In which locations
  • Transport required to support new developments and existing communities
  • Our parks and green spaces
  • Community facilities, such as halls and community centres*
  • Our heritage, listed buildings and conservation areas
  • Health facilities
  • Leisure facilities

Adopted Local Plan 2005 and Adopted ('Made') Neighbourhood Plans

About the New Local Plan


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Statement of Community Involvement

Local Development Scheme - the timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan