Meetings and the Public

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of Uttlesford's council, cabinet and committees, and listen to the debate.

Meetings are generally held at the Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden, CB11 4ER.

You may view agendas and reports on the council's website.  Minutes and decisions will be available following the meeting.

Please note that meetings of working groups and task groups are not usually held in public and the access to information rules do not apply to these meetings.  

How to get involved in council meetings

There is an opportunity for public speaking at a number of council meetings. The arrangements for these meetings are set out below.

You will need to register if you wish to speak.

Please email  or telephone 01799 510433, 510369 or 510548 or you can register to speak by writing to:

Uttlesford District Council
London Road
Saffron Walden
CB11 4ER

Council, Cabinet and Committee meetings

There is public speaking at the following meetings.

Governance, Audit and Performance
Planning (see below)
*Licensing and Environmental Health

* (except when dealing with individual cases)

These meetings take place in the evening, usually at 7.00pm or 7.30pm. A period of 15 minutes is set aside at the start of the meeting for public speaking.

A time limit of 3 minutes is allowed for each speaker. You may speak about any matters which are on the agenda, or fall within the responsibility of that committee.

At these meetings the agenda is split into two parts. Most of the business is dealt with in Part 1 which is open to the public. Part 2 items may be discussed in the absence of the press or public, as they deal with information which is personal or sensitive for some other reason. You will be asked to leave the meeting before Part 2 items are discussed.

To register contact the Democratic Services Office at least two working days before the meeting on 01799 510433/369/548 or email:

Planning Committee

Meetings of the Planning Committee are open to the public. They take place every four weeks, on a Wednesday starting at 2.00pm.

Members of the public, representatives of town/ parish councils and the applicant/agent are permitted to speak in relation to a planning application.

The speakers will be invited to make their representations in the following order.

  1. Non - committee councillor
  2. Supporter (up to 5 speakers)
  3. Objector (up to 5 speakers)
  4. Town /parish council representative
  5. Applicant or agent

You will have 3 minutes to make your statement. You may only speak on the item indicated and your comments should be restricted to planning matters.

To register contact the Democratic Services Officer on 01799 510369/548 or email by 2pm on the day before the meeting.

Planning Policy Working Group

The Planning Policy Working Group is a non- decision making working group of the Cabinet.  Its purpose is to give advice and guidance to officers to progress the Local Plan and other planning guidance. Public speaking has been introduced at these meetings to encourage public involvement in the development of planning policy. 

Five members of the public and/or town and parish town councillors may speak in relation to each main agenda item. You will have 3 minutes to address the working group.

The meetings are arranged on an ad hoc but regular basis and are held in the evening, usually at 7.00pm.

To register contact the Democratic Services Officer on 01799 510369/433/548 or email by 2pm on the day before the meeting.

Highways Panel

The Highways Panel permits questions to be submitted to the Chairman in relation to specific items on the agenda. You may then receive a written reply, or be invited to an upcoming meeting to receive the answer orally.

To register by arrangement with the Chairman - please contact Democratic Services on 01799 510433/548 or email