Garden waste bin

Your garden waste bin is collected fortnightly. Please make sure it is at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day.

Please do not overfill the bin. If garden waste is compacted it will stick in the bin and this may result in damage when emptying it. If you put some twigs or dry leaves at the bottom of the bin it will help stop the garden waste from sticking in the bin.

Please do not leave an extra bags of garden waste out by your bin as we can only take garden waste that is in your bin.

What to put in your bin 

What we collect - please put these items in your garden waste bin

What we can not collect - please don't put these items in your garden waste bin 


Additional information

► Sign up for the garden waste collection service

► If you need more than one bin for your garden waste, please email us at or phone 01799 510510 to order another. Each bin is charged at the annual rate.