Mutual Exchange

As our tenant you have the right to exchange homes with another tenant, whether it is another Uttlesford tenant, another council tenant, or the tenant of a housing association.

Once you have found someone you might like to exchange with, we strongly advise that you view the property that you want to move into very carefully, as with a Mutual Exchange both parties agree to accept the property in the condition it has been left by the last tenant. You will therefore be responsible for any tenants' repairs and for the redecoration of the property if applicable.

An inspection will be carried out on all properties before the exchange is approved, to make sure that the properties are at the council's required standard. This may include the removal of modifications you have made and which you and your potential exchange partner may regard as being improvements.

The council will arrange for safety checks to be undertaken, including an electric check and a gas check (where applicable) prior to the exchange taking place.

The move is made entirely at the tenant's expense and your property has to be left in a clean and tidy condition with all rubbish removed from gardens and outbuildings.

You must not move until you have written permission and an agreed moving date from this council. If you move without this agreement you will be putting your tenancy in jeopardy and could end up with no home at all.

The council has 42 days from the date your application is received to make a decision. There are by law 10 grounds on which the council can refuse the exchange, the most common being

a. If you have any outstanding Housing debts,

b. If the properties are too big or too small for the family intending to occupy and

c. If one of the properties is designated for elderly or disabled persons

It may be that this impacts upon whether or not the exchange goes ahead.

If you live in a property adapted for disabled people or sheltered housing for the elderly, you can only exchange with someone in need of this kind of property.  


In order to use the HomeSwapper system you need to register by going to the HomeSwapper website and then by clicking on the 'Join' tab at the top of the page.

Go to HomeSwapper website

Once your entry on the website has been approved by us you will be able to access information about tenants within Uttlesford who wish to exchange properties as well as details of those wishing to move here from outside the district.

HomeSwapper will also email you at regular intervals with details of suitable exchange partners. If you do not have access to the internet, HomeSwapper will send you details of suitable exchange partners via your mobile phone every two weeks.

If you have any queries about the scheme, feel free to contact the housing administration team on

Tel: 01799 510510     Email: