Noise pollution

The council can take action to deal with noise from industrial and commercial premises, construction sites and residential premises, for example, barking dogs, DIY, amplified music and shouting.

Noise Toolkit - what you can do

Bird Scarers
If you are concerned about noise from bird scarers, the information on the following leaflet may be of use:

Intruder Alarms
Intruder alarms, particularly when the homeowners are away, can be a particular source of nuisance for people living nearby and often lead to complaints.

The council has special powers to access a house after an alarm has been sounding for a period of time. By registering your alarm with the council you will be helping avoid any damage being caused to your property should this situation arise.

In the first instance, you should try to resolve the problem yourself. Contacting the council should be the last resort. If you do need to contact the environmental health officers, you will be asked to give as much detail as possible, and you can be certain that the person responsible will not be told your name and address.