Food Safety inspections

Uttlesford has some 725 food premises ranging from small village shops to large manufacturing and flight catering units producing food that is eaten in many parts of the world. These food premises are subject to inspection by Environmental Health Officers.


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Food safety inspections have a number of aims:

  • To identify the potential risks arising from the activities carried out there, such as processing, cooking, handling and storage of food.
  • To ensure that food handlers have received adequate instructions and / or training in food hygiene.
  • To establish whether the premises comply with food safety laws.
  • To take appropriate action when necessary.

If the premises are very dirty, or if there is a risk to public health, the owners or food handlers can be prosecuted and premises may be closed in very serious cases.

However, most owners of food businesses are anxious to improve and maintain good standards of food hygiene and the Environmental Health Officers are always willing to give advice about good food hygiene practice.

If you buy food which looks or smells unappetising, or you find a foreign object in it, or you want advice about food, please contact us on the telephone number at the bottom of this page.

There are several agricultural holdings in Uttlesford, where poultry is reared and slaughtered commercially. Most of the slaughtering takes place for the Christmas trade and the premises are visited towards the end of each year to check on the standards of hygiene.

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