Addendum of Focussed Changes to the Regulation 19 Local Plan

The council is inviting comments on an Addendum of Focussed Changes to the Regulation 19 Pre-Submission Local Plan.

Comments on the Addendum of Focussed Changes are invited from 9:00 am on Tuesday 16 October until 5.00 pm on Tuesday 27 November 2018


The Addendum of Focussed Changes does not alter the strategy of the Regulation 19 Local Plan, but seeks to clarify a small number of matters relating to the examination into the North Essex Authorities Local Plan; the requirement to identify strategic priorities and strategic policies; and the policy relating to the consideration of sites protected under the Habitats Regulation Assessment.

What can I comment on?

Representations will be welcomed on the focussed changes and on other parts of the plan where the representations arise from new information contained in the Addendum or newly published evidence base as set out in Chapter 3 of the Addendum. 

The council will not accept representations on the Regulation 19 Local Plan which does not arise from new facts related to this addendum.

This Addendum of Focussed Changes has been published for public engagement to enable you to tell us whether or not you think the amendments to the Local Plan are "sound", and why.

What is "soundness"?

To determine whether a plan is "sound" or not, a Planning Inspector uses four tests. They are:

  1. Is the Plan Positively Prepared? (i.e. is it based on a strategy which seeks to meet objectively assessed development and infrastructure requirements.
  2. Is the Plan Justified? (i.e. is it the most appropriate strategy when considered against the reasonable alternatives, based on proportionate evidence.)
  3. Is the Plan Effective? (i.e. are the plan proposals deliverable over its period and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic priorities.)
  4. Is the Plan consistent with national policy? (i.e. does it enable enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the national policy.)

In addition to the four tests of soundness, the Inspector will also be assessing whether or not the Local Authority has complied with the legal requirements; and planned strategically on appropriate matters with other Local Authorities which is known as the Duty to cooperate.

Where can I view the Addendum of Focussed Changes?

You  can view the document on the council's consultation portal or by downloading a pdf copy. 

Online consultation portal

Icon for pdf Addendum of Focussed Changes [312.5KB]

The Addendum of Focussed Changes is also available for inspection at the council's Community Information Centres in Saffron Walden, Dunmow and Thaxted and the libraries within the District.

When do I need to comment by?

Comments are invited between 9.00 am Tuesday 16 October and 5.00pm Tuesday 27 November.

How do I make my comments?  

We have some guidance notes to help you make your response.

Icon for pdf Guidance notes to help you complete the Addendum of Focussed Changes representation form [239.74KB]

You can make your comments directly on the council's online consultation portal where you can read the Addendum and make comments.

Online consultation portal

Or, you can download and fill in a pdf or Word document form.  You can return this to us by email or post.

Icon for pdf Addendum of Focussed Changes representation form [423.71KB]

Icon for word Addendum of Focussed Changes representation form [326.88KB]

You can also send a letter into us by email or post.

Email to

Or by post to:

Planning Policy
Uttlesford District Council
London Road
Saffron Walden
CB11 4ER


Additional information

► Icon for pdf Habitats Regulation Assessment: Addendum of Focussed Changes to the Regulation 19 Local Plan 2018 [3.28MB]

► Icon for pdf Uttlesford District Council Local Plan Regulation 19 Addendum of Focused Changes Sustainability Appraisal (SA), October 2018 [806.67KB]