Animal welfare licensing fees

The tables below show the animal welfare licensing fees for the Uttlesford District.


Animal welfare licensing fees

Activity2018/19 charge2019/20 chargeDoes the charge include 
 Part A* fee (£)  Part B* fee (£)  Re-inspection (£)  Variation (£) 
Animal boarding establishment (cattery, kennel, dog day care)*  174.00              271.00 176.00      129.00      20.00No
Riding establishments *  245.00              334.00 188.00      181.00      20.00No
Home boarding *  141.00              185.00 192.00      129.00      20.00No
Dog breeding establishment *  141.00              250.00 176.00      129.00      20.00No
Pet shop *  141.00              271.00 179.00      129.00      20.00No
Dangerous wild animals *  276.00 Quote on application (based on a 2 year licence) No
Zoo licence (5 years) *  717.00 Quote on application (based on a 5 year licence) No
Keeping or training animals for exhibition * N/A  Quote on application (based on a 5 year licence) No

* Part A fees need to be paid on application. Part B fees are paid on issuing report & confirmation of the licence and rating.

The issuing of the license will occur following payment of Part B fees.

For licenses where there is more than one activity, the fee will be based on the applicant's main business activity as judged by the inspecting officer. 

Additional charges will be applied for secondary activities as outlined below.

Additional costs

Costs 2018/19 charge (£)2019/20 charge (£)Does the charge include 
Cattery, kennel, dog day careN/A61.00No
Riding establishmentsN/A123.00No
Home boardersN/A61.00No
Pet shopN/A61.00No
Keeping or training animals for exhibitionN/AQuote on applicationNo
Micro chipping - Pets - Microchip event18.0018.00Yes
Stray dog - administrative costs50.0051.00No
Stray do - statutory fee25.0025.00No

Note: Vets fees to be recharged to the operator + administration costs of £7.50 for horse riding establishments and new breeders only .