Examination library

The submitted evidence base for the Local Plan.

Core Documents Reference Library Index; Regulation 19 Pre-Submission Local Plan Addendum of Focussed Changes; Regulation 19 Pre-Submission Local Plan and other documents
Sustainability Appraisals for Regulation 18 Local Plan, Regulation 19 Local Plan and Addendum of Focussed Changes; Scoping Report and other documents
Uttlesford Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2018 - 21; Uttlesford Corporate Plan 2018 -2022; Inspectors Conclusions to the 2014 Withdrawn Local Plan 03/12/2014 - 19/12/2014 and other documents
Local Development Scheme; Equality Impact Assessment; Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA); Duty to Cooperate Statement and other documents
Memorandums of Understanding; Statements of Common Ground and letters
Brownfield Land Register and map of Brownfield Sites