Examination latest news and updates

Recent developments in the examination process.

25 July 2019

The actions from  Week 2 of the hearing sessions (Matters, 6, 7, 8) are now available and can be viewed on the Actions arising out of hearing sessions page.

24 July 2019

Following the Stage 1 Hearing sessions the Inspectors have published a note on the next steps in the Examination and their note can be viewed in the Examination Documents,  reference Icon for pdf ED59 [94.17KB].

14 July 2019

Several documents have been submitted which will be relevant for the hearing sessions starting on Tuesday 16 July.  The documents are all in the Examination Documents with the reference numbers ED29-ED47.  It is also very  likely that further documents will be posted in the Examination Documents before the hearing sessions start on Tuesday.

8 July 2019

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan update paper and schedules have been submitted and can be viewed in the Examination documents at Icon for pdf ED27 [1003.04KB]Icon for pdf ED27A [1.79MB]  and respectively.

8 July 2019

During the hearing sessions, the  Inspectors have asked for various information to be supplied to the Examination. The document listing these actions can be viewed  on the Actions arising out of hearing sessions page which will be updated as the information is submitted to the examination.

5 July 2019

Following the first week of the hearing sessions the Inspectors have announced that the hearing sessions in Week 2 will start at 9.30am in order to allow more time for the discussions.

5 July 2019

A Statement of Common Ground (SoCG) between Uttlesford District Council and Essex County Council has been submitted and this can be viewed in the Examination documents reference Icon for pdf ED25 [1.19MB].

1 July 2019

The following documents have been added to the Examination documents today:

Icon for pdf ED19 UDC update on infrastructure proposals in Cambridgeshire [345.97KB]  

Statements of Common Ground: 

Icon for pdf ED20 UDC and Anglian Water [464.89KB]

Icon for pdf ED21 UDC and Environment Agency [564.18KB]

Icon for pdf ED22 UDC and Hertfordshire County Council [800.1KB]

Icon for pdf ED23 UDC and Chelmsford City Council [485.65KB]

Icon for pdf ED24 UDC and Natural England [12.7MB]

27 June 2019

The council have responded to the Inspectors' letter of 11 June (Icon for pdf ED10 [128.4KB]) and their reply can be viewed in the Examination documents at Icon for pdf ED18 [204.68KB].

26 June 2019

The  National Trust Draft  Mitigation Strategy for Hatfield Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest & National Nature Reserve has been submitted to the examination and the document can be viewed at Icon for pdf ED17 [818.26KB].

21 June 2019

The council has submitted the following documents to the Examination:

Uttlesford Sports Strategy: Examination documents reference  ED14 - ED14E and Examination library reference INF 1203.10. 

Bus Rapid Transport for Uttlesford: Examination documents reference Icon for pdf ED13 [2.5MB] and Examination library reference Icon for pdf TRA 1506.3 [2.5MB].

14 June 2019

The Icon for pdf Draft participants' list for the Hearing sessions v.7 updated 14.07.19 [113.76KB] is now available and can be viewed on the Hearings timetable page.

11 June 2019

  • The Inspectors have written to the Council asking them to clarify their position in relation to the submitted  Local Plan by Friday 27 June. Their letter can be viewed at Icon for pdf ED10 [128.4KB] in the Examination documents.
  • An updated list of Main Modifications (Icon for pdf ED11 [477.75KB]) and Additional Changes (Icon for pdf ED12 [619.32KB]) proposed by the Council  have been submitted in advance of the hearing sessions and can be viewed in the Examination documents.

14 May 2019

Natural England have written to the council concerning the emerging evidence base on managing impacts round Hatfield Forest.  Their letter and attached documents can be viewed in the Examination documents at reference numbers ED9 - ED9C

15 April 2019

The Hearing sessions will open at 10.00 am on Tuesday 2 July at Uttlesford District Council, London Road, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 4BR.  Full details on the hearing sessions are available on the Hearing sessions and statements page.

27 March 2019

A spreadsheet of the representations received in response to the consultation on the revised SA Report December 2018 and a document summarising the representations and providing the council's initial view on the key issues from the representations.   Both these documents can be viewed in the Examination documents.

Icon for spreadsheets ED3 representations received on revised SA Report December 2018 [128.87KB]
Icon for pdf ED4 Summary of representations and Council's initial view on key issues from the representations [368.98KB]

21 March 2019

The Inspectors have set provisional dates for hearing sessions of  w/c 1 July and w/c 15 July.   Please see the Hearing sessions and statements page for full details.

26 February 2019

The council have submitted their responses to the Inspectors' Initial Questions which  can be viewed under the tab entitled Correspondence between Inspectors and Council.

12 February 2019

The Inspectors' have issued a series of Initial Questions to the Council (Icon for pdf Examination document ED1 [650.55KB]) with a deadline for their replies of  25 February.