Actions arising out of hearing sessions

The Local Plan examination actions, as requested by the Inspectors, can be found in the table below.


Examination actions

The table will be updated as the actions are completed. 

Action numberTaskExamination document reference 
Day 1 -  Tuesday 2 July 
Matter 1 Legal Compliance; Matter 2 Duty to Co-operate and Matter 3 Presumption in favour of sustainable development (policies SP1 & SP12)
AA1Council to provide Minutes of October 2018 Full Council meeting ED26
AA2Council indicated it may wish to provide a written statement in response to matters raised by representors regarding where, in Appendix V of the SA Update of December 2018, the SA had considered the post-2033 development at the Garden Communities in the comparative assessment of the spatial strategy alternative optionsED29
AA3Council to work with Natural England to agree wording in relation to Policy SP11 in advance of Stage 2 hearings  
AA4Council to work with Mr Gadd to agree wording for further changes to Policy SP12 in relation to emissions in advance of Stage 2 hearings  
AA5Council to respond to points made by Counsel for Gladmans concerning submission of Local Plan prior to consultation period for the SA ED46
Day 2 - Wednesday 3 July
Matter 5 Objectively Assessed Needs for Housing and Employment Land (policies SP3 & SP4)
AA6Easton Park team to provide a timeline outlining key steps and lead in times for the development of that GC (before next hearing sessions)ED30 and ED48
AA7Council to provide an update to the GC DPD timelines in Appendix 5 of its Matter 4 Statement with input from the developers and to include post granting of reserved matters stages (as set out in Bidwells' letter at Appendix 4 of the Council's Matter 4 Statement) (before next hearing sessions)ED30 and ED48
AA8Council to provide SHMA information dealing with those gypsy and travellers no longer meeting the definition in the PPTS (before Stage 2 hearings) ED31
AA9Council to consider modification to SP3 to make it clear that 504 of the housing requirement relates to units in bed spaces in communal establishmentsED32
AA10Council to provide an update on the timetable for the Gypsy & Traveller Transit workED33
AA11Council to provide updated Housing Trajectory in respect of West of Braintree Garden Community prior to hearing sessions for Matter 7 and 8 ED38
Day 3 - Thursday 4 July
Matter 4 The Spatial Strategy (policies SP2 & SP3) 
AA12Council to provide the background to the Table in Appendix 2 of its Matter 4 Statement in relation to discounting/rejecting sites (before next hearing sessions)ED34
AA13Council to provide the terms of reference for the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor Core Group cited in paragraph 3.48 of the Plan (before next hearing sessions)ED35
AA14Council to provide to Mr Johnstone, on behalf of Gt Dunmow Town Council,    information/documentation that makes up the 'demand forecast for the BRT service'  referred to on Page 42 of the Rapid Transport Study 21 June 19.   (before next hearing sessions)ED36


Examination actions documents

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