Fees and charges - Environmental Health

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Food and water safety

Imported food inspection charges


Food and water safety2018/19
Does the charge include VAT?
Food Safety course - level 2 certificate80.0080.00No
Health Certificate for Export90.0090.00No
Food disposal if required at costYes
Copy of Food Register - Whole - (hourly charge or part thereof)70.00N/ANo
Copy of Food Register - Single premises25.00N/ANo
Voluntary Surrender Certificate80.0090.00No
Water Samples (Airport)25.0025.00Yes
Private water supply sample collection fee (plus laboratory charges)43.00N/A*Yes
Private water supply carrying out of Risk Assessment - per hour54.00N/A*No
Investigation (each visit)54.00N/A*No

* New Charging Structure for 2019/20

Food and water safety (continued)2018/19
Does the charge include VAT?
Private water supply sampling and analysis under Regulation 10 (small supplies) - per visit (plus laboratory fee)N/A*46.00Yes
Group A parameter sampling and analysis (large supplies) - per visit (plus laboratoryN/A*46.00Yes
Group B parameter sampling and analysis (large supplies) - per visit (plus laboratoryN/A*92.00Yes
Investigation (per hour)N/A*58.00No
Risk Assessment (per hour)N/A*58.00No
Analysis under Reg 1025.0026.00No
EIR information111.00113.00No
Contaminated land111.00113.00No
Officer charges for works in default - per hour54.0055.00No
Chemical Water Samples on requestCharged at costCharged at costYes


Imported food inspection charges2018/19
Does the charge include VAT?
POAO per CVED (Products of animal origin) (per consignment)180.00180.00No
POAO per additional CVED on same AWB50.0050.00No
POAO per CVED Out of Hours additional fee (Products of animal origin)75.0075.00No
Organic product certificate office hours70.0070.00No
Organic product certificate out of office hours250.00250.00No
High Risk NAO per CED (Non animal origin)55.0055.00No
High Risk NAO sampling fee + laboratory charges65.0065.00No
High Risk NAO per CED Out of Hours65.0065.00No
High Risk NAO Out of Hours sampling fee + laboratory charges95.0095.00No
High Risk destruction charge + disposal costs60.0060.00No
IUU Catch Certificate EEA25.0025.00No
IUU Catch Certificate non EEA50.0050.00No
CED rejection fee75.0075.00No
Consignment abandon fee60.0060.00No
ID check - Weekdays50.0050.00No
ID check - Weekends85.0085.00No
Organics check - Weekdays40.0040.00No
Organics check - Weekends60.0060.00No
Melamine check75.0075.00No
Destruction Supervision55.0055.00No