Saffron Walden Council Offices - room hire

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Non-wedding room hire

Wedding room hire

Room charges - non-wedding. Minimum 2 hour charge applies2018/19
Does the charge include VAT?
Room hire - Flitch (Chairman's room) (per hour)30.0035.00Yes
Room hire - Flitch (Chairman's room) (per hour) Charity Rate24.0030.00Yes
Room hire - Cutlers (Committee room) (per hour)60.0065.00Yes
Room hire - Cutlers (Committee room) (per hour) Charity Rate24.0040.00Yes
Room hire - Gibson (Council Chamber) (per hour)78.0085.00Yes
Room hire - Gibson (Council Chamber) (per hour) Charity Rate48.0055.00Yes
Refreshments - per 10 people13.2018.00Yes
Tenants (Flitch Room) (per hour)24.0025.00Yes
Tenants (Cutlers Room) (per hour)24.0030.00Yes
Tenants (Gibson Room) (per hour)48.0050.00Yes
Room charges - wedding   
Flitch (Chairman's Room) Mon-Thur74.00108.00Yes
Flitch (Chairman's Room) Friday114.00156.00Yes
Chairman's Room Saturday a.m.149.00N/AYes
Chairman's Room Saturday p.m.175.00N/AYes
Chairman's Room Sunday/B.Holiday250.00N/AYes
Committee Room Mon-Thur100.00N/AYes
Committee Room Friday140.00N/AYes
Committee Room Saturday a.m.175.00N/AYes
Committee Room Saturday p.m.200.00N/AYes
Committee Room Sunday/B.Holiday275.00N/AYes
Council Chamber Mon-Thur150.00N/AYes
Council Chamber Friday190.00N/AYes
Council Chamber Saturday a.m.225.00N/AYes
Council Chamber Saturday p.m.250.00N/AYes
Council Chamber Sunday/B.Holiday300.00N/AYes
Chamber + Chairman's Mon-Thur175.00N/AYes
Chamber + Chairman's Friday265.00N/AYes
Chamber + Chairman's Saturday a.m.325.00N/AYes
Chamber + Chairman's Saturday p.m.375.00N/AYes
Chamber + Chairman's Sunday/B.Holiday500.00N/AYes
Chamber + Committee Mon-Thur200.00N/AYes
Chamber + Committee Friday280.00N/AYes
Chamber + Committee Saturday a.m.350.00N/AYes
Chamber + Committee Saturday p.m.400.00N/AYes
Chamber + Committee Sunday/B.Holiday550.00N/AYes