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BEST Growth Hub and FSB are hosting a series of webinars specifically for retail businesses


Designing your business structure and roles to function more effectively

30 June, 28 July and 25 August 12:30-13:10

This session explores how to design the structure of your organisation into functions and roles that fit together logically to help get the best out of your most important asset: your people.

We will explore how best to structure your organisation to get the right people in the right roles so that it fits together in a logical manner that gives clear accountability and responsibility. We'll then go on to examine some of the fundamental things you need to have in place to get the best out of the people in your structure.

Topics and themes include:

• Organisation structure - what it means and how to think about it

• Accountability versus responsibility - making sure that both are clear

• How to set clear expectations and objectives so people know what they are supposed to be doing and why

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Building budgets forecasts and KPIs - and why they're critical to success

7 July, 4 August and 1 September 12:30-13:10

Using some of our freely available spreadsheet templates, we will help navigate you through the thinking and process needed to stay on top of your numbers with a robust budget and financial model. We'll also look at what makes a good KPI, allowing you to select and track the right measures to manage your business.

This free to attend 40 minute webinar will explore how to build an effective budget and forecast model.

Your understanding of forecasting will help you keep your business on track through the tough times ahead.

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Bounce back from COVID-19: Create your data strategy

5 August starts 10:30

Creating a data strategy is the foundation of your success.

In the digital era, data has never been more important. Some of the most successful organisations today use data in their everyday operations to improve their services and better understand their customers.

Whether you are a business, charity or working in the public sector, hear from leading experts in the field of data analytics. Learn how your organisation can use data to improve services, secure future funding, measure impact, predict future trends and more.

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