Inspectors issue Local Plan letter

Uttlesford District Council has received a letter from the two independent planning inspectors who are examining the draft Local Plan.

The letter describes the inspectors' findings in relation to several key matters and the plan's soundness following the Stage 1 public hearings held in July 2019.

Although the inspectors have not reached a final decision on the draft plan, the letter raises concerns about the evidence supporting it and the potential deliverability of key sites including the garden communities.

Cllr John Evans, Portfolio Holder for Planning at Uttlesford District Council, said: "We have reviewed the examination letter from the planning inspectors. In their letter they have expressed concerns about the soundness of the draft plan which was submitted early last year. We would like to thank the inspectors for the feedback. We are clearly disappointed with the outcome as it does not provide certainty for many Uttlesford communities.

"We will need to take time to consider the ramifications and prepare a set of actions, which will include a formal response to the inspectors. We will obviously consult extensively with all members to agree a way forward. However, whatever approach we finally decide upon, we will ensure our local residents and communities are involved and informed every step of the way."

The inspectors' letter is available to view here.

14 January 2020