UDC approves budget for 2020/21

Uttlesford District Council has agreed its budget for the next financial year.

The 2020/21 budget will see all district services protected, as well as investment targeted in key areas such as £300,000 towards supporting the delivery of the new Corporate Plan - part of which will be for climate change initiatives and to support residents through neighbourhood planning - and an additional £250,000 for the Local Plan.

At a meeting of Full Council on Tuesday 25 February, councillors also agreed to increase the district council portion of the Council Tax bill by £5 a year. This means the charge for a Band D property will be £156.61 for district council services.

Council Tax summary

Although Uttlesford District Council sends out Council Tax bills it doesn't keep all the money - it only keeps about 8p in every £1 collected. The rest goes to Essex County Council (72p collected in every £1), the Essex Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner (about 11p for policing element and about 4p for Essex Fire & Rescue Service), and the town and parish councils (average of about 5p).

Essex Council County has raised its council tax by 1.99% along with a 2% increase due to the Social Care Levy.

The Essex Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner has announced a rise of 2.94% for the policing and community safety element, and a 1.99% rise for the fire service element.

The average town/parish increase across the district equates to 6.48%.

Overall, residents in Uttlesford will face an average increase of £68.71 (3.86%) in their total council tax for the 2020/21 financial year - this amounts to a total bill of £1,847.67 for the average Band D property. The total will vary across the district due to the different precepts taken by town and parish councils.

The breakdown of council tax for a Band D property in 2020/21 will be:

·         Essex County Council - £1,321.11

·         Essex Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner - £198.63 (policing and community safety)

·         Essex Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner - £73.89 (fire and rescue)

·         Average town/parish councils - £97.43

·         Uttlesford District Council - £156.61

·         Total - £1,847.67

26 February 2020