Self employed support during the coronavirus outbreak

Information and support for self employed people.

If you're self-employed or a member of a partnership in the UK and have lost income due to coronavirus (COVID-19) there there is funding and information available to support you.

If you can not work

If you can't work because you've had symptoms of COVID-19 or have self isolated, you can apply for:

If you have lost income

If you've lost income because of COVID-19, you can apply for:

Check if you can get help

HMRC have released an online eligibility checker.  If you are self-employed you can use it to check if you will be eligible to claim the SEISS.

Check your eligibility

Further information

GOV.UK has information about:

The BEST Growth Hub has advice, training and support for small businesses, including sole traders, whose ability to work has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.