Coronavirus hardship relief 2020/21

Our policy on awarding financial hardship payments in response to coronavirus hardship relief.

This forms Annex A to the council's Icon for pdf Council Tax Support Exceptional Hardship Policy [113.98KB].

As part of its response to COVID19, the government announced in the Budget on 11 March that it would provide local authorities in England with £500 million of new grant funding to support economically vulnerable people and households in their local area. 

Uttlesford will receive a payment of £325,304 and this is based on our share of the national caseload of working age Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) recipients. 

How we will be awarding the financial hardship payments

Here is Uttlesford District Council's policy on awarding the financial hardship payments.


For the 2020-2021 financial year only this  scheme will be in place to provide  Council Tax relief for the following  circumstances:

  1. LCTS working age claimants 
  2. Council Tax payers suffering financial hardship due to  COVID-19 pandemic 


  • All Working age LCTS claimants will qualify automatically for an award of £150 or the total of their outstanding Council Tax whichever is lower. There is no requirement under this section of the policy for the applicant or their family to have suffered either directly or indirectly from the COVID19 virus
  • For non LCTS customers, the assessment and award process will be in accordance with those detailed in the main Exceptional Hardship Policy
  • This award of hardship relief will not affect the eligibility of recipients for other benefits
  • The billing Authority will be reimbursed by a Section 31 grant and new burdens funding will be made available