Corporate Plan delivery plan 2020-2021

Our corporate plan delivery plan sets our how we will be delivering the key actions in the corporate plan during 2020-21.

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The Corporate Plan 2020-2024 was adopted by Full Council at its meeting on 25 February.

This included a new vision for the council 'Making Uttlesford the best place to live, work and play'. The plan has four priorities:

  • Putting residents first
  • Active place-maker for our towns and villages
  • Progressive custodian of our rural environment
  • Champion for our district

Delivery plan actions 2020-2021

The corporate plan delivery plan sets out how we aim to achieve these priorities in the coming year. This can be by changing the way we work or staring new projects.

However, the impact of the public health pandemic on the council's budget has resulted in an instruction from the s151 Officer that expenditure must be limited to essential spend only until further notice. The original costs of actions or projects is shown in the delivery plan but, where needed, the plan has been adjusted to reflect that the funding is frozen for the time being.


Additional information

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