Annual canvass

Look out for your annual canvass form which we will be sending out to you in early July.

The annual canvass form (Household Enquiry Form) is not an electoral registration form - it is used to check who is eligible to register to vote at your property. It is sent to all properties in the district and you have a legal requirement to respond to this form. 

If you don't complete the form, we will send you a reminder. One of our canvassers will then visit any properties where a form has not been returned.

How to respond to the Household Enquiry Form  

Remember to check and read the whole form carefully before responding. 

The quickest and easiest to way to respond is by using the online option below and you will only need your two part security code printed on the form.

If nothing has changed

If all the details shown for your household are correct and nothing has changed, you must confirm this to us. You can do this in in one of four ways indicated below:

Please note that the auto response service has now closed due to th the Parliamentary General Election, but you should still send your form back by post to us and if there are any new electors to be added they must go online to register themselves before the legal deadline  of midnight on Tuesday 26 November.

Online: Go to (enter the 10 digit security code part 1, the 5 digit security code part 2 and your property's postcode stated on the letter)

By text: Text 07786 209377 (text both your 10 digit security code part 1 and 5 digit security code part 2, separated by a space and nothing else)

By phone: Call 0808 284 1567 (when prompted enter the 10 digit security code part 1, and then the 5 digit security code part 2)

By post: Sign the declaration on page 3 of the Household Enquiry Form and return it to us in the pre-paid pre-addressed envelope

Responding online, by text or by telephone helps us to reduce our costs. Please therefore only return the form by post if you do not have internet or telephone access, or if there are no security codes provided in the boxes on your form.

If something needs to be changed

If any of the details on your form need to be updated or someone needs to be added or removed (including anyone who is now over 16 years old) you should let us know by responding online via

 If you do not have internet access, please respond by completing and returning the form using the pre-addressed pre-paid envelope supplied:

  • If anyone has moved out: Cross out their name

  • If anyone has moved in, or if anyone who is aged 16+ needs to be added: Add their details

  • If there are changes to the details for anyone already listed: Write these changes on the form

  • Then sign the declaration on page 3 and follow the instructions to return the form to us

If you need to find out more

We have put together some frequently asked questions to help you.

What happens next

Anyone who is added to a property will still need to register to vote unless they have already registered via the online response service.

We will send an 'Invitation to Register Form' to anyone who is added to the paper Housing Enquiry Form so that they can register to vote. You can also register to vote online.

Remember that by completing the Household Enquiry Form you are not registering to vote, only confirming the names of people at the property. 

If you remove anyone from the form we will write to you to confirm that they no longer live at the property.

Electoral register

The Electoral register is a list of the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote within Uttlesford's electoral area. 

The new electoral register will be published on 1 December 2019.