See how our Lifeline service could help you to remain independent in your own home.


Residents are warned to be on their guard if they are contacted by someone offering to sell them a new emergency response alarm service.

We have had reports of elderly residents being contacted by individuals claiming to be offering a new emergency response alarm service.

Read more information about the bogus calls and how to protect yourself


Lifeline poster 2018 Do you want to remain independent in your own home? Do you have friends or family who would benefit from round-the-clock emergency aid? If so, Lifeline could be the answer!

What is Lifeline?

A lifeline is an alarm unit that sits next to your telephone. Lifeline users can wear a small, discreet 'pendant' on a necklace or a wristband which they can press in the event of an emergency. When the trigger is pressed, the control operator will speak to the user to find out what the problem is and provide the appropriate response; this may include calling a key holder, the emergency services or a responder from the control centre to check on your welfare.

Lifeline increases your independence knowing that help will always be on hand should you need it.

How does it work?

In the event of a Lifeline user finding themselves in a situation where they require emergency assistance but cannot get to their telephone, they can press their personal trigger, which will send a signal to the main unit. The unit then calls out to Carecall, through your telephone line, who will speak to the user over the speaker on the alarm unit. Carecall will then provide the appropriate assistance.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As long as there is a working telephone line and power socket, the user should be covered in an emergency.


Where does it work?

The personal trigger will activate the main unit within approximately 50 yards of each other. This means that most users will be covered by the service within the boundary of their property. On installation your personal trigger will always be tested from the furthest point of your property. Your personal trigger is also fully waterproof.

What do I need?

A phone socket and a power supply socket on the same wall, about 2 metres of each other.

Who can have one?

Anyone, there are no criteria.

How quickly can I have one?

Within 3 working days.

How much does it cost?

The service is paid for by direct debit for 10 months of the year (2 months of the year without payments).

From 1 July the cost of installing the alarm will be £35.

There are then two levels of service available. The cost depends on which service the user decides to have. The prices below will be subject to VAT for clients not able to sign a VAT exception form.

Level 1 - Basic Lifeline
From April 2021 a basic lifeline unit costs £4.50 (+ VAT) per week
(The basic lifeline unit consists of a base unit with a pendant)

Level 2 - Extra Sensors (up to a maximum of 4)
From April 2021 a basic lifeline unit with up to 4 extra sensors costs £5.50 (+ VAT) per week
(Customers requiring more than 4 extra sensors will be charged at the rate of 50p per extra sensor)

Please note that any customer who can provide evidence that they have a disability will not be charged VAT.

What additional equipment can be added to the Lifeline?

There is a wide range of additional Telecare sensors that can be programmed to a Lifeline to meet an individual person's needs. These include:

  • Falls detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Flood detectors
  • Heat sensors
  • Movement detectors
  • Bogus caller buttons
  • Bed sensors
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors

Please enquire with the Uttlesford District Council housing team if you are interested in additional sensors.

Will it affect the user's telephone or Internet?

No. Lifeline should not have any effect on a user's telephone or Internet. We can demonstrate this when the Lifeline is installed to reassure the user that their service will be unaffected.


Contact us about Lifeline

If you are interested in having an alarm or require further details please call Uttlesford District Council Housing team.