Missed Bins

Collections start at 7am, so make sure that on the morning of collection the relevant bins have been placed out.

Please remember that new waste rounds are now in operation - and the collections crews are working longer days. This means that residents may find their bins are being collected later than previously as the crews are working until 5pm on the new rounds.

The council requests that residents do not ring on their collection day if they believe their bin has been missed as it is probably the case that the crew has just not got to their property yet.

Any resident who finds their bin has not been collected by the evening should contact the council the following day to arrange a return visit for collection.

Collections can be refused if the wrong material is found to be in the wrong bin.

Occasionally bins will be missed by mistake; if this is the case please contact us or complete the online form:

Report a missed bin (including black waste bins, green recycling bins, brown kitchen waste caddies, garden waste bins, and black sacks)

We aim to empty any missed bins within four working days of them being reported.