Simple steps to fight climate change

Cllr Louise Pepper offers advice and updates on climate change, biodiversity and what local people can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

Free trees for schools and communities

The UK needs millions more trees to reach its 2050 carbon net-zero target. Find out how your school or community group can get planting

The climate clock and global warming index

Two resources to make us more aware of climate change - a countdown clock highlighting the critical time window to reach zero emissions and an up-to-the second assessment of total global carbon dioxide emissions

How can our community help with climate change

How you can help by making some lifestyle changes that will hugely benefit the environment

Some simple steps to reduce your carbon footprint

A few simple ways that will help you to start reducing your carbon footprint

How businesses can help with climate change

How, as a business, you can make sustainability part of your culture

The future is in our hands

From tree planting to bug and bee boxes - how you can make a difference locally

How can schools help with climate change

How to start reusing, recycling and reducing to make your school a greener place

Community green project

Calling on neighbours and families across Uttlesford to set up local community green projects