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Response to Stop Stansted Expansion

The SSE campaign has recently issued press releases making statements that the council considers inaccurate.

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Uttlesford District Council would like to reiterate that the various allegations made by Stop Stansted Expansion in their most recent press release are not soundly based.

Officers are satisfied that Manchester Airports Group's proposals do not constitute a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) as they do not fall within the relevant criteria.

Officers have, in principle, offered to have a meeting with SSE to discuss its points on MAG's application during the consultation period.

Officers have had many meetings with MAG which have not necessarily been exclusively about the planning application.  The meetings about the planning application have been informal and therefore no formal minute has been prepared. Officers have made informal manuscript notes and some of these have been provided to SSE.

The planning performance agreement does not minimise consultation or force a planning decision in July. In fact, it allows for the statutory period within which an applicant is entitled to a decision to be extended by at least 5 weeks and sets a target date for reporting the application to the Planning Committee.

21 March 2018