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Which bin should I use?

Online service helping residents to decide what they can and cannot recycle at home

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An online tool available on the Uttlesford District Council website is helping residents to recycle more.

Recycleopedia was launched in December and since then almost 10,000 searches have been made. By visiting simply need to put in their postcode and the item they wish to dispose of to find out what bin to put it in. If the item can't go in any of the household bins, a map is provided to show the nearest place it can be taken to, such as the recycling centre or a recycling bank.

Cllr Susan Barker, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: "Recycling in the home can be confusing at times but this online service is assisting residents to recycle more of their waste, more effectively. It is a particularly useful guide in how to correctly dispose of those everyday things they're not sure about, such as takeaway coffee cups, bottle tops, batteries, cling film and crisp packets."

Cllr Barker added: "There are many great benefits to recycling, as many materials can be recycled over and over again with no loss of quality. This saves resources, helps the environment, reduces energy use and supports a thriving recycling economy.

"Now is as good a time as any for residents to take a fresh look at their recycling habits to see if there are any opportunities to recycle even more. Ideally, recycling should be clean before it goes into the bin, so we would encourage everyone to get in the habit of rinsing out their tins or putting them in the dishwasher before putting them in the bin."

For more information about recycling visit or go to to access Recycleopedia.

8 May 2018