Council Tax and Benefits

Council tax and benefits

Empty Homes Premium (properties empty and unoccupied over 2 years) from 1 April 2019
The Rating (property in common occupation) and Council Tax (Empty Dwellings) bill 2018 gave Local Authorities the power to increase the Empty Homes Premium to a 100% ,  in order to encourage owners of empty homes to bring their properties back into use.

At its Full Council Meeting of the 21 February 2019 the Council decided to exercise this power from 1 April 2019.

The premium will change to 100% of the full Council Tax charge for your property, so you will have to pay 200% of the full Council Tax charge.

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Follow the links below to find out all you need to know on how much Council Tax you need to pay, what to do if your circumstances change, making an appeal and how to apply for housing benefit or help to pay your Council Tax.


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