Current elections

Local Government Elections will be taking place in Uttlesford on 2 May 2019. The elections are for all 39 seats on Uttlesford District Council, as well as the town and parish councils in the District where seats are being contested.


Notices of  Poll for Uttlesford District and town and parish elections

We have published Notices of Poll for all the contested district and town and parish elections on 2 May.

Each Notice of Poll tells you when the election will be held, the number of councillors to be elected, the details of the candidates and where you can find the polling stations. Your polling card will tell you which polling station you will need to vote at.

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Information for voters

► Registering to vote

► District election on 2 May

► Town and parish council elections on 2 May

► What you need to know about the local elections

Information for polling and counting agents

► Appointment forms for polling and counting agents


Additional information

► Timetable for local elections on 2 May | ► Electoral boundaries map - find your polling station or look up which polling district you are in